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Mac OS X –Recovering an Unsaved Word Document

Here is how to recover an unsaved word Document in OS X

Because of sudden power failure or a system crash many of you would have faced this problem of losing your word document half way through before getting saved. This often happens with Mac and in many situations Auto recovery might not have worked well.

It will be really frustrating when you come to know you have lost all you have typed which might be a day’s hard work and you realise it’s no where found.Dont panic there are still ways to Recover your lost or unsaved Word document. Here we go

Check TMP folder:-

As a first stepcheck in yoursystem’s TMP folder where in Mac OS system usually creates temporary files which are kept in TMP folder.

  • Click on Applications >> utilities >> terminal >> enter this command open $TMPDIR >> you see TMP folder opened>>open folder “Temporaryitems”

Your document should be there, if not try out the next option given below.

Auto Recovery Option:-

This option is automatically turned on every MAC pc which saves your word document every 10minutes.To check if it’s there follow the below steps.

1.Click Home
2.Click on Documents Folder >> Open Microsoft user Data Folder
3.Find the file starting with “Auto Recovery save of” >> select document to recover>>rename it adding “.doc “extension.
4.Double click on that renamed file and it should open in Word.
5.Click on file menu and click save as and save it giving the name u need.

Another way to look for Auto Recovery is

Go to Finder >> Go >> Go to Folder and enter:~/Library/Containers/

Chances are higher for your Document to be present here. Even if these options are available it is always good to make sure you save your Document every time you update something .It is very important to take steps to save your Document especially if it is having great importance.

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