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What to do if you’re iPhone is lost?

Losing something can be very hard to cope up with and when it comes to losing an iPhone nothing is more hear-rending than realizing it. iPhone is a valuable device and it can be valuable to each and every person using it, not only considering the cost, but also because of the personal details and other details you have stored in it.

Losing an IPhone can happen anytime ,it can be stolen or left away somewhere or dropped off from pocket whatever it might be it turns out to be a lost IPhone .At this point of time it is natural to go stressed, angry or sad but don’t be housed on with such feelings rather than act. Now what should I do? Question after losing iPhone next is what to do if I lose my IPhone? A question can be asked before losing it, and it is always good to take a precaution before losing it.prevention is better than cure as always said.
We are sharing a few information on what to be done in case you lose your IPhone which will help you recover your lost phone.


1. The first and foremost thing to do is to now ways to protect your data. Most of us has set a password to lock the phone and to some extend it works, but still there are ways to crack it so it is always better to erase all those data immediately. Now the question Is how to? There comes iCloud. iCloud is already built into iPhone and it works automatically with 5GB of free space and with later add-ons possible. You can sign in to your iCloud using Apple ID and password there you have option to delete the data. This alone can prevent the thief or others from accessing your personal data but can still use your phone.
2. Find my iPhone is a great tool for recovering lost iPhone. It is important that we enable find my iPhone when starting to use iPhone. To those who already lost your phone and reading this don’t worry you can always log in to iCloud and setup find my iPhone there. Find my iPhone uses map and location services to locate the iPhone. It is available in ios 5 and above .Usually while setting up your new device you might have already enabled this most useful service which can act as a saver for you.
3. Another important thing to do is to remove all bank related details like credit cards, paytm, and debit cards etc. You use with Apple pay. Even though it is very secure and needs finger print to access it is always good to remove it from lost iPhone for our peace of mind. You can do this using icloud.
4. Inform police .get help from police even if you are able to track the location as you may not be able to deal with those because it might not be safe.
5. If you are using iPhone provided by your employer inform them as soon as possible and they will do the needful. Otherwise also it’s safe to inform them so that they avoid important calls to that no. and understand your situation.
6. Inform your mobile phone company or service provider about this and they can take actions to prevent further misuse
7. Last but not the least inform people .Inform your colleagues, friends and family.

Recovering or getting back a lost iPhone is very much possible these days and at least you have provision to protect your personal information right away with just few clicks.
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