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How to fix Bluetooth problems in iOS 12

The iOS 12 has come up with lots of updates which have been designed to bring improvement on performance and reliability. One of the problems which have come up after the updation is the Bluetooth .This impacts the usage of Bluetooth headsets or speakers with their iphone. Some of the common problems are:

1. For some of the users after updating their iphone the Bluetooth icon itself has gone missing. First of all it’s not a bug. Do not worry iOS 12 is designed to hide the Bluetooth icon from the status bar, it will appear only once your phone is connected to one of the Bluetooth device like headset or loudspeakers.

2. There are few ways to fix if the Bluetooth do not work.

a) Sometimes all you need to do will be refresh the Bluetooth to do so follow the few steps :
Go to settings >> Bluetooth >> Turn off >> Restart the device >> Turn on and see it it works.

b) Forget Bluetooth and Reconnect Again :
Another way to fix is to disconnect all the devices and then reconnect to it again.
Go to settings >> Select Bluetooth >> Tap “i” button next to connected device >> Tap forget this device >> confirm >> Turn off Bluetooth >> Restart >> turn on Bluetooth and reconnect to the devices.

c) Reset the Bluetooth Accessory:
The problem could be even due to the Bluetooth accessory itself. So its necessary to assure that the its working properly. Since the process varies from one device to another, so kindly take the help of each accessories user manual and reset the device.

d) Reset Network Settings:
This is one of the most reliable solutions to be done for solving the issues with Bluetooth.
Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Tap on the Reset Network settings a pass code will be required to enter if you have one >> confirm it in the popup

e) Restore device to factory settings:
This is not an ideal solution. , you have to try to restore your iOS device to factory settings with iTunes or iCloud. But by doing this let us remind you that the factory settings will erase all data on your device. So it’s advised to backup your device before restoring.

These are few ways to fix the problem with your Bluetooth on iphone. If you still cannot find solution to your problem with Bluetooth, Visit us at Apple service Qatar.We iphone service center is the pioneer service center in Doha,Qatar. We can help you with any issues related to your iPhone/Mac book.

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